Media Assembling & Attaching a Pre-Taped SUB15 Sub-Frame to a Printed Panel

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  • uploaded February 21, 2019

A sub-frame is a secure method for hanging a Printed Panel, such as ChromaLuxe™. They support large & sometimes flexible panels and space them away from the wall to create an eye-catching shadow.

LION have made your production even more speedy and efficient with the introduction of their SUB15 sub-frame profile with high quality adhesive tape pre-applied. Combined with using Moulded Push-In Corners, assembling your sub-frame couldn't be easier.

1. Choose the SUB profile in lengths or square-cut to size through LION's Chop Service

2. Add the Moulded Push-In Corners for quick & simple assembly. Just loose assemble the sub-frame and tap the corners in.

3. Select your accessories for hanging & finishing. This video recommends our CWH3 Square Sawtooth Hangers - you only need a screwdriver. Then finish with Polyfibre Bumpers.

You can buy the SUB Join & Hang Kit with corners, hangers and bumpers all in one bag here:

LION also recommends using Solvent Wipes to prepare the surface for bonding.

To see our full range of products to Display & Frame Printed Panels view our online brochure here:

For assistance our advice email

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